Top 5 Dental Conferences in the United States

Dental trade shows are great places for people whom are professionals or frequent practitioners to meet up and exchange ideas and information. They also enable facilitation of discussion about new dental products, materials, equipment, technology, and more! Without these annual dental conferences, new concepts would not be spread as easily, and medical/surgical techniques would not be as widely available. Today we’re taking a look at 5 of the Top Dental Conferences in the United States.


rocky mountain


2016 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention

This convention took place from January 21-23 this year, and displayed the latest products of dental equipment, dental instruments, and dental materials as well as healthcare products. It was hosted by key executives and prominent members of the industry sector. It also celebrated its 109th anniversary at the same time. Held in downtown Colorado, the RMDC boasted an immense educational lineup chock full of new technology and materials which would change the face of dentistry.

2016 AADGP Dental Group- Expo

This expo took place from February 3-6, and was hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. Activities which took place on-site included social discussions, opportunities for networking, roundtable debates, and training sessions for dentists and their staff. AADGP frequently features nationally-renowned speakers, so if you’re fond of gleaning knowledge from the industry’s top dental leaders, check this expo out. The AADGP Dental Group also has a long and established tradition of giving trading partners opportunities at their conferences, and they usually have a large number of repeat attendees who have been visiting the expo for decades – many of which have ended up becoming corporate members.

2016 Academy of Osseo integration Annual Meeting

This meeting happened in San Diego, California and ran from February 18-20. If you’re interested in hearing distinguished speakers from across the country gather in one location to share their thoughts, this is the conference for you. Historically, this annual meeting has held the largest collection of implant-related products and services in one place.




2016 Mid-Winter Meeting of the Chicago Dental Society

One of the great things about the Chicago Winter Meeting is that they offer participation courses in their Exhibit Hall. Any of the attendees whom are present and interested in participating in the activities, may do so and interact with the dental community in one centralized location. The CDS (Chicago Dental Society) was formed originally in 1864, and their objective in their own words, is to: “encourage the improvement of the health of the public, to promote the art and science of dentistry and to represent the interest of the members of the profession and the public that it serves.

There you have it, 5 of the Top Dental Conferences in the United States. If cosmetic dentistry is your chosen field, you will definitely benefit from visiting one or three of these informational locales. Visit the future and see it with your very own eyes as you marvel at the technological advances that have been pioneered by the dentists of today!