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There are two things a parent is most concerned about when it comes to their children: dental health and protecting them from bullies.
Now, anyone can just go online and find information about these topics but then again, the information you’d most likely found don’t really come from the experts on that subject matter.
Well, here’s the solution: why don’t you visit instead of trying to scour the internet for little tidbits of information that could help you deal with caring for your child’s teeth and safety? actually has a collection of basic information that could help you deal with your concerns by providing you with relevant information that comes from experts. is headed by Dr. Susan K. Rajik, an expert in the field of communications using traditional and new platforms for disseminating information which can lead to public awareness. Her office deals with an extensive range of information but is most particular about educating the masses about the negative effects of bullying (all forms) and the importance of dental hygiene and proper oral care. Her department also focuses on Medicare and Medicaid which are essential to the general public.

WCI COnferences

Main focus touches on subjects that are very relevant to this day and age. We’ve listed down a few of the main focus points you’ll find in the website. Take note that this is an overview and if you want more details, you can check out their website simply by typing in into your browser’s address bar.
Moving on, let’s take a look at the general topics found in the website.

This form of abuse has become very rampant during the last couple of years and there have been many cases of senseless deaths attributed to bullying. Many organizations have stepped up their programs to deal with this issue. Nowadays, there are many conferences and conventions specifically targeted at bullying and raising awareness about its effects and how to prevent becoming a victim of this form of abuse.

Dental Care
Dental care and oral hygiene is one of the most overlooked aspects in one’s personal health. In fact, over 47% of the general population suffers from one form of dental issue or another. brings you the latest information on this matter and helps spread the word about conferences or conventions happening within or near your locale which can prove very beneficial for you should you choose to attend.

Medicare Fraud
There have been many cases of fraudulent activities connected to Medicare which has left a lot of people with incurred debt or lack of proper medical assistance. aims to educate subscribers on proper usage of Medicare and how to avoid losing benefits from this very important service.

Identity Theft
There is a very alarming increase in cases of identity theft throughout the last two decades. You can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft by educating yourself through’s public information regarding this matter.

The site continues to gather information that can be helpful for everyone. Dr. Susan K. Rajik, who is passionate about disseminating helpful information, along with her team, will continue to share this information for everyone’s benefit. So check back regularly!