What’s Happening at the 2016 Florida Dental Convention?

What’s Happening at the 2016 Florida Dental Convention?


Florida Dental Convention FDA 2016


The Florida Dental Association will be holding its Annual Florida Dental Convention on the 16th to 18th of June 2016 in Kissimmee, Florida’s Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center with the theme “The Art of Modern Dentistry”. Designed primarily to enhance the professional competencies of the Sunshine State’s dentists, the annual convention promises to be a 3-day confab filled with exciting new knowledge and opportunities for advancing one’s career in the dentistry profession.


Across the three-day convention, FDA members have the chance to learn new things as well as evidence-based practice guidelines that will be beneficial to their respective dental specializations. Members of the FDA are expected to register early and decide on which of the numerous professional advancement courses they would like to partake.


What’s Happening on the First Day?


The first day of the convention is marked by simultaneous sessions that address a variety of concerns in the affairs of Florida dentists. For example, there are topics that are geared towards improving the use of current technology to help advance the practice of dentistry in the Sunshine State. These can include topics on digital dentistry which emphasizes the need for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing such as those in Zirconia restorations. The value of creating an internet presence will also be discussed as a sign of acceptance of the fact that majority of dental patients are now more connected with the world via their internet-enabled devices. Data management will also be tackled especially in terms of understanding the implications of ICD-10 coding systems for medical and dental billing and claims.


There are other courses that focus more on clinical problems that are creating concerns in dental offices across the state. These include temporomandibular disorder, xerostomia, pemphigus and pemphigoid, and oral malignancy. Still, there are also courses that aim to address one of the most pressing concerns in the US today – substance abuse secondary to prescription drug misuse. This requires an introduction to the state of Florida’s prescription drug monitoring program especially designed for dental practitioners, the E-FORCSE.


There are also courses that focus on improving the overall management of one’s dental practice such as crisis management, customer service orientation, and finding happiness and contentment in one’s practice.


What’s Happening on the Second Day?


Some of the topics on the first day are continued on the second day of the convention. Additional topics are nevertheless equally interesting especially for family dentists who take care of patients from cradle to the grave. This is also true for pediatric dentists as well as dentists who specialize in the elderly patient. Issues about food fads and declining oral and dental health habits will also be presented and discussed in a variety of sessions. The needs of special patient populations will also be addressed including mother’s health, baby’s wellness, and the impact of oral care on diabetics.


Continuing on its theme of modernizing the practice of dentistry in Florida, the second day of the confab will take a look at the usefulness of laser technologies particularly diode lasers and dental imaging technologies. More and more dentists are using laser technologies today. The confab aims to explore how the technology is being used to manage dental implants, peri-implantitis, and other clinical applications of diode lasers. What should be interesting on the second day is the live patient procedure featuring guided dental implant surgery.


Florida Dental Convention FDA 2


What’s Happening on the Last Day?


The third and last day of the convention will focus more on oral cancer and its management although other topics will also fill up the whole day. From oral cancer detection to the hands-on demonstration and workshop of actual management of advanced oral cancer, the third day promises to be an equally exciting day.


Perhaps what will be more important for Florida’s dentists is the knowledge they will gain in terms of managing their practice as they move towards the second half of the 21st century. This includes a course in data analysis as a means of understanding what areas of thze dental practice need to be improved. There are courses in helping dentists take ownership of their practice including a blueprint for turning their professional practice into more successful ones.


There are also topics in clear aligner therapy, updates in oral surgery, practical laser dentistry, preventive dentistry, implant dentistry, crown lengthening, sedation dentistry including airway management of the sedated patient, and dental errors prevention.


All courses come with their commensurate CE credits. Aside from these courses, there are also concurrent meetings and other events such as trade exhibits for dentists to catch up on the latest trends in the world of dentistry in Florida.