Dentist Mark L. Civin DDS of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida “Tells a Story”

“Are you interested in helping others? Would you like to be part of a cause that will help make a lasting change and start something new? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then there’s a way that you can do your part to help. Light of the World Charities (LOTWC) was created in 1999 with one goal in mind – to sponsor medical and surgical missionary teams in third-world and developing countries. They currently have over 400 volunteers well versed in medical and non-medical procedures, all contributing in some way to the cause.”

Dentist Palm Beach Gardens Mark L. Civin DDS is a part of Light of the World Charities, providing dentistry needs to many patients who need it. Most adults and children that visit them seeking their care are poor, uninsured, and are desperately in need of help. They have experienced surgeons, anesthesiologists, technicians, and nurses ready and available to spend their time helping the underprivileged. Some patients which they’ve had in the past had severe health concerns, which included hernias, gall bladder, cataracts, and urological procedures. Many of these folks were unable to work due to their conditions, and thus no longer had the capability to support their families. The talented surgeons who have pledged their lives to Light of the World Charities were able to rectify the situation, and as a result, many patients were able to rebuild their lives again.

LOTWC is also able to help many people who require oral care and dentist work. In 2010, they established the first dental program in Palm City and were able to reach a large audience, thanks to referrals from the Martin County Health Department and the Martin Health System. Folks that have visited the center have had a wide range of dental issues – from cavities and gingivitis to more severe concerns such as impacted molars, broken/chipped teeth, and bleeding gums. Not only do their patients receive free surgery and dental assistance, but LOTWC also provides counseling and tools for the patient to practice better oral care on their own. Oral hygiene is the most common factor in most cases, and the staff at the dental center believes that arming the patients with knowledge of prevention is the best way to fight dental problems.

How Can the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference Benefit You?

If you are reading this message and have a soft spot for helping people, this is your perfect opportunity to make a difference. Light of the World Charities and similar charities around the world are in need of volunteers and donations, and this conference details the many ways you can help to support them. The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference can help you tell your nonprofit’s story – leading to more donations and more money raised. Find out more here:

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