2014 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit

2014 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit


2014 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit speaker


On the 15th day of August 2014, 9 federal agencies led by the US Department of Education together with representatives from public and private organizations successfully concluded the fourth Annual Federal Bullying Prevention Summit which was designed primarily to gather national resources to help fight bullying of all forms.


That year’s Summit emphasized the need for active collaboration among different members of the community, organizations, private enterprises, educational institutions, people’s organizations, and state and federal agencies in an effort to help curb the rising incidence of bullying in the nation. The topics presented during the 2014 Summit included current and ongoing research on the management and prevention of bullying, the relevance and effectiveness of multi-tiered or multi-level behavioral frameworks, bullying on the internet and other digital platforms, and the current state of student discipline in schools.


The 2014 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit was highlighted by the sharing of experiences of 4 youth participants who were selected from different parts of the country to provide an insight on how the youth of today view bullying, how it can be prevented, their own personal experiences about and related to bullying, and their activities in their respective communities that have been instrumental in the prevention and management of bullying. The insight provided by the youth summit resource speakers provided a feedback to the different Federal Partners on the succeeding plans of action to take to help step up the bullying prevention initiatives of both the government and the people of the United States.


The summit provided the venue for active and constructive discussion on the many challenges faced by both communities and schools in the national call to stop and prevent bullying. Of particular importance was the emphasis placed on activities and initiatives that promote positive school climate. The role of the family, especially parents, as well as members of the medical and healthcare profession was also highlighted in the discussion as it was shared that there have been an increasing number of public health consequences related to bullying. Summit participants were encouraged to share the knowledge gained from the confab back to their respective schools, organization, communities, and states to facilitate the change necessary to fight bullying.


2014 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit


The 2014 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit also saw the launch of two federal resources that were designed primarily to help advance the aims of the Federal Bullying Prevention program. The US Department of Education collaborated with the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to produce a video about how school districts are expected to respond, as a matter of federal obligation, to cases of bullying, civil rights violations, and harassment. SAMHSA also launched the KnowBullying mobile app on Android and iOS to help initiate conversation between children and their respective parents or caregivers about bullying.


The Federal Bullying Prevention Summit started in 2010 as an initiative by the US Department of Education to coordinate federal resources in coming up with a national strategy to fight, prevent, and manage bullying in American schools. The program has since generated a strong following in various sectors of society.


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